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My blog has a collection for some of the work I have done over the last two years in my journey as a photographer. 

Muslin's Photo Shoot

28th of February 2019

Muslin and I have been friends for over 12 years now. But we became close friends when she moved to England. And ever since then we’ve been there for each other through life’s ups and downs…..

Ivy's Baby Shower

12th of  December 2018

Ivy was my first and my most regular client, her first event I photographed was a valentine’s day couples business networking event. The decor was out of this world. You can follow her on Instagram …..

Angeline's 2nd Birthday

17th of  November 2018

When my daughter Angeline turned 2 I really wanted to throw a themed birthday party, something I didn’t think of doing when she turned one. So I chose a unicorn themed party not that she …….

Wayne & Kayle's Wedding

1st of September 2018

Wayne and Kayle’s wedding was beautiful and intimate. I was so excited as this was the first wedding I was photographing at so I got there an hour early and the church was still closed. …..

Revival's 40th Birthday Party

1st of September 2018

When my uncle sent me an invite to his 40th I thought about what I would get for him to celebrate such a big milestone in his life. I really struggled …..

Eileen's Family
Photo Shoot

1st of September 2018

I first met Eileen and her family at the  St Patrick’s Day celebration held by the Irish Forum earlier in March 2018. She loved the photographs  …..

Trip To Edinburgh

15th of May 2018

One of the places that I have been fortunate enough to travel to and fell in love with was Edinburgh. I’ve travelled there on four separate occasions and with each visit l fall even deeper in love with …..

St Patrick's Day

17th of March 2018

I was booked to photograph at the St Patrick’s Day celebration held by the Irish Forum in March 2018. It was in the middle of winter and it was snowing on that day I remember struggling to …..

Angeline's Photo's

2014 to 2019

When Farai and I found out we were having a baby it was exciting news! It was at the beginning of my final year when I found out I was pregnant so I knew it was going to be a challenging year ……

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