Angeline's 2nd Birthday

When my daughter Angeline turned two I really wanted to throw a themed birthday party, something I didn’t think of doing when she turned one. So l chose a unicorn themed party not that she knew anything about unicorns shes more of a Pegga Pig kinda girl! Anyway mummy choose a unicorn theme and me being a crafty mum (that’s a nice name for another blog right there) decided to make my own decor and bake her birthday cake myself. I made simple unicorn decor for the cake table and a unicorn dream catcher for the front door.

I baked a giant unicorn cupcake and 12 mini unicorn cupcakes to go with it. The decor looked simple and cute I loved it! It was heart warming to have friends and family over to celebrate my little princesses 2nd birthday. She has grown so big over the last 12 months and I was so proud of her. God bless you and keep you my Angel. I can’t wait to plan her 3rd birthday, this time we’ll probably go with a Peppa Pig theme.

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