About Me

I fell in love with photography when l had my daughter Angeline. All l wanted was to capture every moment, every smile, every laughter and every milestone so l could treasure those memories for many years to come. I didn’t set out to be a photographer, but somehow along the way it just happened. Little did l know that my hobby would one day become my passion. With every client I meet and every story I tell I feel grateful that l was there to capture tomorrows priceless treasures. 

7 Things About Me

My Approach

I believe good photography is not just about capturing a moment, but about capturing it in a way that brings your very best memories of that moment flooding back to life every time you look at it. That means more than just pointing the camera and shooting. It means respecting the moment and capturing the essence of it in my shot. 

We might all look at the same view but we all see it differently; our focus, our feeling towards it and our perception of it are never the same. In my photography my goal is to ensure that my photographs reflect my client’s personal point of view; their focus, their feelings and their perception. 

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